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To Deceive The Elect is a treatise on the Catholic doctrine on the question of a heretical Pope which examines and elaborates the Catholic teaching on Defection from the Faith and the Church, focusing primarily on Heresy, and Loss of Ecclesiastical Office; and it is presented in such a manner to clear up the widespread confusion and refute the most common errors on these points that are being propagated at the present time. The book refutes primarily the arguments of the legalist-fundamentalist propagandists of Conciliarism, who profess that a Church council possesses the authority to juridically pass judgment on a reigning Pontiff for the delict of heresy. 

Father Paul Kramer is an Irish-American native of Bristol, Connecticut, USA, who studied philosophy and theology in Rome at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas during the 1970s, and was ordained to the priesthood on April, 20, 1980 by Bishop Vittorio M. Costantini O.F.M. Conv. in the Cathedral of Sessa Aurunca (CA) Italy. Fr. Kramer served in parish ministry in Germany, Philippines, USA, and has carried out various missions in other countries, including Canada, Italy, Brazil, India, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and England. Fr. Kramer is currently retired, and is living in Ireland. Fr. Kramer was a close collaborator with the world famous “Fatima Priest”, Fr. Nicholas Gruner from 1986 until the latter’s untimely death in April 2015; at whose request this book has been written, and to whose memory it is dedicated.

Gondolin Institute Press
Ft Collins (CO)